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Clio Artist Spotlight: Young Chang

Young Chang at Clio Art Fair, May 18-21, 2023

«To be honest to who I am, what I see and how I feel for this world.

The never ending pursuit of one’s identity; where I am running

from and towards simultaneously.

Art is personal, again.»

-Young Chang

Young has showcased his work to many different Clio Art Fair editions and he will participate in the upcoming Clio Art Fair, September 7-10, 2023 edition as well. He has something incredible in store for us all -- don't miss it!

Here is our short interview with Young!

Young, can you please describe your art in four words?

It is what not.

What inspires your art?

Society vs Identity.

How would you describe your experience at Clio Art Fair?

It’s the Best! Wide range of artistic expression, no censorship, encouragement of creativity. They have recently added a much needed live performance program to the fair for artists to further express themselves and their artistic practice. Like I’ve said: the Best!

Young Chang, Murakami's Atom Bomb, 2022

Print on paper, 24' x 16'

Showcased at Clio Art Fair, September 8-11, 2022


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