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Yumiko Hirokawa

Tokyo, Japan

I have been participating in the Clio Art Fair for 3 years. They are a great organization, they are warm and passionate, and I always feel at home. The policy of supporting their independent artists is amazing. I learned a lot in this art fair. I am very grateful to them, and I always make connections during Clio Art Fair.  

Francesca Schwartz.jpg

Francesca Schwartz

New York, United States

Having shown my work at this point in a number of different venues I can unequivocally say that my experience with Clio has always been outstanding. It is wonderful to exhibit my work backed by the enthusiasm and ingenuity of Alessandro Berni and his team. One of the many reasons to show work is for the conversation, the interaction with the "audience." The viewers who pass through the Clio fair, many in number, are inquisitive and reactive, generous with their appreciation and free associations. I love Clio!

Image_Of_Tom_Fazio (1).jpg

Thomas Fazio

New York, United States

I can’t say enough positive things about my experience at the Clio Art Fair. Alessandro Berni and Misha Capnist who run the fair were well organized, very helpful, and very encouraging. All the meaningful feedback I received about my work from fellow participating artists and from those who visited the fair has changed how I view myself as a professional artist. A wonderful event that I highly recommend to any artist seeking exposure and recognition. 


Courtney Minor

New York, United States

Big thank you to the @clio.artfair for a great fair this weekend. Loved meeting so many fellow artists, collectors and curators. Thanks Misha and Alessandro! Till next time! 😊


Goldy Weiss

New York, United States

Today I also got some major press by @clio.artfair at there exhibit which was amazing. So much excitement when you walk in to such colorful interesting places that are filled with art. Nothing better I can ask for.

Jason Bryant.JPG

Jason Bryant

New York, United States

Always amazing Art and the stories behind every great artist!! To all the beautiful artists that keep on moving forward!! And to a Clio team!!


Fangyi Yang

China & USA

I want to extend my sincere gratitude for the remarkable opportunity to participate in the Clio Art Fair in New York City. As a first-time participant, showcasing my installation work from my undergraduate thesis, this opportunity has meant a lot to me. The platform you provided for emerging artists like myself has been invaluable, and I'm eager to give back to the artistic community that has given me so much.

Screenshot 2023-09-08 at 19.00.14.png

Kate Maura

Toronto, Canada

I’ve enjoyed my first show in NYC which has given me a chance to meet so many wonderful people from all over the world. The Clio staff are second to none!

Young Chang.JPG

Young Chang

Malaysia & USA

It’s the Best! Free range artist expression, no censorship, encourage creativity and recently added much needed life performances which artists can participate with, like I’ve said: the Best!


Tricia Healy

New York, United States

This is my second time showing at Clio and the love, support, professionalism and respect given to the artists and their work by Alessandro Berni and Misha Capnist is amazing. I always leave with an enhanced circle of artist friends who are now part of my growing family. 


Insook Hwang

Hamden, CT, United States

I want to thank you for all your amazing work and help from the very first moment that I contacted you.  

I made wonderful friends with pure and beautiful minded people: you, Alessandro, Tamar, Nino and more friends through Clio Art Fair.

I love all the moments that I had with Clio Art Fair. I feel Clio Art Fair was made for me!

Sarah Fishbein

Judy Silvano

Johan Walstrom

Amanda Amstrong

Rachel Goldsmith

Ola Rondiak

Alessandro Berni, Founder

Sivan Sternbach

Kaya Deckelbaum, Lainard Bush, Michael Katz, and Shreya Mehta

"This is my 5th time working with Clio art fair. It just gets better every year" - Carol Scavotto

"My first experience at Clio was great, despite on very difficult times (beginning of pandemic)" - Ellen Davtyan 

"Best Art Show of the week" - Shaun Jackson 

"A nest watching an avalanche. What a title for an art show!" - Karen Cady 

"The Best Art Fair For Independent Artists On The Planet" - John Cunningham 

"Many WOW Moment. In particular the works of Belinda Mcneely, and Tricia Healy were stunning" - Agnes Rodas 

"Great place and flow for artists with a wide variety of artwork on display" - Mark Pizza 

"Great experience, very well done, Clio!" - Frédéric Lère 

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