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Clio Artist Spotlight: Fangyi Yang

Artist Fangyi Yang pictured in front of her artwork at Clio Art Fair, May 18-21, 2023 edition

Fangyi is a multidisciplinary designer, artist, and curator based in

New York City. Her practice focuses on challenging human exceptionalism, fostering dialogue on our interconnectedness with the environment and honoring the earth. Through transformative journeys that engage the mind, body, spirit, and place, Fangyi is committed to healing, connection,

and empowerment, offering new perspectives on human existence

through multi-sensory experiences and collective storytelling.

Join her in reimagining our harmonious and sustainable future.

Here is our short interview with Fangyi!

Fangyi, can you please describe your art in four words?

Transformative, Participatory, Immersive (multi-sensory), Conceptual.

What inspires your art?

My inspiration flows from recognizing the interconnectedness between humanity and the environment, challenging the notion of human exceptionalism. Nature serves as a profound muse, guiding my artistic endeavors through its intricate patterns, delicate ecosystem balance, and the inherent wisdom found in all living beings.

How would you describe your experience at Clio Art Fair?

Participating in Clio Art Fair was an enriching and immersive experience. The curated setting provided a platform to showcase my work alongside diverse disciplines such as painting, sculpture, photography, and mixed media. Engaging with fellow artists, collectors, and art enthusiasts fostered inspiring conversations and meaningful connections. The Fair offered valuable exposure within the art community, enriching my artistic journey.

Fangyi Yang, Ceremony – The Land, 2022

Fabrics, Projection, Scents (made from the land), Sound, 24 sq. ft.

Showcased at Clio Art Fair, May 18-21, 2023


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