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Clio Artist Spotlight: Nicole Sylvia Javorsky

Nicole Sylvia Javorsky in front of her art at Clio Art Fair's 14th edition, May 18-21, 2023

«My art expresses the intricacies of being alive. Consciousness is full of interrelated opposites such as darkness and light, change and constancy, stillness and movement. This concept of duality is core to my paintings, drawings, and mixed media works. I use texture, color, line, and medium choices as well as abstraction, realism, and text to represent different slices of human perception. As a survivor of sexual abuse, I struggled to keep myself alive during my teenage years and early adulthood. My artwork reflects my own story, healing process, and grief as well as my observations from nature, research, and everyday life. Making art in-between abstract and figurative corresponds to how I sense the world around me. My art is a part of my ambition to live honestly, joyously, openly, compassionately, courageously, freely, beautifully, and peacefully while still in touch with the realities of pain, struggle, and suffering.»

- Nicole Sylvia Javorsky

Nicole Sylvia Javorsky has showcased her work in the past Clio Art Fair 14th edition in May 18-21, 2023.

Here is our short interview with the artist!

Nicole, can you please describe your art in four words?

Expressing intricacies of existence.

What inspires your art?

Sometimes, I am inspired by the beauty of just existing. Sometimes, it’s the bittersweet depth of grief. Or it’s the feeling of connection to myself, to nature, to others. Or howling winds or how this particular breeze feels cold and light brushing my neck. Or the dualities of the healing process: beautiful, messy, painful. Every day I get to be here on this Earth, I’m paying attention. That's where my art comes from: noticing and reflecting — seeing and processing what I see. Sometimes, that means expressing what feels hard and frustrating, or infuriating, painful. And other times, just being alive feels like the greatest gift, fulfilling to the max, like the everyday happening of this sun setting is a one-of-a-kind, magical experience. I express both in my art because I see and feel both. The dualities of existence are a crucial theme of my work.

How would you describe your experience at Clio Art Fair?

Participating in Clio Art Fair felt empowering. As I stood in front of my artworks and shared them with visitors, other exhibitors, and Clio staff, I felt this energy rising in me — momentum and support to keep sharing my art and the stories behind my work.

.Nicole Sylvia Javorsky, Does Anybody Know?, 5 x 7 in.

Showcased at Clio Art Fair, May 18-21, 2023


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