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$ 90.00 


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Clio Art Fair, 16th edition and
10th year anniversary
May 2-5, 2024


Thursday, May 2nd

6:00 pm - 9:00 pm:

VIP Opening Reception

(Tickets $ 55.00)

Friday, May 3rd

Noon - 8:00 pm:

Open Doors

(FREE Entry)


Saturday, May 4th

Noon - 8:00 pm:

General admission

(Tickets $ 20.00 - $ 10.00)


Sunday, May 5th

Noon - 6:00 pm:

General admission

(Tickets $ 20.00 - $ 10.00)


Special Sections


Clio Art Fair, September 7-10, 2023 presents a special section titled 


Why War?

Featuring Artists: Qinza Najm, Raisa Nosova, Ola Rondiak

Why War? A question that echoes throughout human history’s evolution, one that dwells into the darkest recesses of our collective nature. Wars arise from a complex interplay of factors, encompassing political ambitions, economic disparities, cultural clashes, and territorial disputes. War and conflict is a manifestation of humanity’s struggle for power, resources, and a consequence of the failure to reconcile differences through peaceful means.

The contemporary era is still marked by the inescapable persistence of war, with conflicts that have multiplied and infiltrated every aspect of our lives. While the term “war” often evokes thoughts of conflicts between nations or entire populations, it can manifest in various forms on multiple fronts of daily life.

Yet, in the face of such profound and often devastating consequences, the quest for understanding persists—a quest that challenges us to explore alternatives, cultivate empathy, and ultimately strive for a world where the question “Why War?” is replaced with a resounding call for peace and diplomacy.


During our fair, we will be gladly hosting a series of performances revolving around the title

Hidden Love

Love is a universal force, yet, so often it remains hidden in the shadows,

veiled by societal norms, prejudices, and fears. We invite you to join us on a journey that delves into the profound complexities of “Hidden Love” through a set of mesmerizing performances.


In a world that often fails to understand the intricate threads of affection that bind two

or more souls together,the performers have been invited to share with us the poignant

stories of passion, desire, unspoken emotions, and the courage to love in the face of adversity.


Join us as we unveil the stories of those who have been passionate, defying societal expectations.

Experience the raw, unfiltered emotions that come to life, and let us question the reasons

why so many hearts have been forced to conceal their feelings.


Let’s celebrate love in all its forms, uncover the secrets that have been locked away,

and discover the beauty that emerges when love is allowed to shine.

Performance program and schedule:

To be announced soon

Exhibiting artists


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