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Clio Artist Spotlight: Ashley Rose Webster

Artist, Ashley Rose Webster

"During my artistic journey, I've been inspired by my admiration for music. This has driven me to attempt to translate the experience of songs into vibrant paintings. I utilize the power of colours and brushstrokes to breathe life into the auditory sensations that resonate, capturing the essence of meaningful melodies on canvas.

Each brushstroke is guided by the initial distortion of the song’s soundwave that serves as the framework for the intricate dance of layered paint. Through paint movement and colour, I try to capture the energy of a song through my artistic expression. This process has evolved into a distinctive style characterized by a deliberate interplay of colour and intensity.

In my work, I seek to manifest the heartbeat of instrumentals and seamlessly blend the paint into the vast canvas of my imagination. It's about capturing the essence of music—the euphoria and the melancholy.

Throughout my work, there has been a constant commentary on its striking resemblance to the Aurora Borealis or the enigmatic expanses of outer space. I embrace this serendipitous connection, for it mirrors the notion that music possesses the ability to transport us."

-Ashley Rose Webster

Ashley Rose Webster has showcased his work in the past Clio Art Fair 16th edition in May 2-5, 2024. Here is our short interview with the artist!

Ashley, can you please describe your art in four words?

Transformative, Vibrant, Psychedelic, Abstract.

What inspires your art?

Music and literature.

How would you describe your experience at Clio Art Fair?

Working with Clio Art Fair has been a wonderful experience! The staff is incredibly encouraging and thoughtful, providing a fantastic opportunity to meet artists and connect with audiences.

Ashley Rose Webster, This Ain’t a Scene, 2024

Oil on canvas, 20x20 in


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