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Clio Artist Spotlight: Lori Montgomery

Lori Montgomery in front of her art at Clio Art Fair's 16th edition, May 2-5, 2024

«I have always loved becoming involved in the many facets of creativity, specifically painting. I was always drawn to painting and the freedom you had in directing the paintbrush or flow of the paint in any direction you wanted. I am mainly a contemporary artist with an affinity for acrylic fluid art. Through this medium and style, I tell many of my life's stories which is not only empowering, but also a journaling of my life.»

- Lori Montgomery

Lori Montgomery has showcased her work in the past Clio Art Fair 16th edition in May 2-5, 2024. Here is our short interview with the artist!

Lori, can you please describe your art in four words?

Intense, Vivid, Contemporary Art!

What inspires your art?

My family.

How would you describe your experience at Clio Art Fair?

My experience at The Clio Art Fair was nothing short of FABULOUS! Each day at the gallery was filled with good vibes and an atmosphere that provided an excellent place for artists to display their work. Each and every staff member were so supportive of the artists as they helped to tell the stories we created. I hope to return to this wonderful exhibition. Highly recommended!!

Lori Montgomery, Uprooted, 2024

Acrylic on Canvas, 18 in x 24 in,


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