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Clio Art Fair is constantly looking for fruitful collaborations 


Join our team!

Based in NYC, Clio Art Fair is an art management company whose mission is to support contemporary artists and journalists, to organize art and media events and to manage art-related projects.

Clio Art Fair operates though multiple nomadic art initiatives. Our goal is to foster reflective critical thinking, dialogues across territories and identities, and prolific creative practices nurturing and promoting innovation in the rapidly-shifting geographies of the 21st century.


Open positions: ​
  • Hote/Hostess

Job description


Work dates and location:

  • September 5-8, 2024

  • Chelsea, NYC


  • Bachelor's degree with 1+ years related work experience

  • Strong verbal communication skills

  • A positive, helpful attitude

  • September 7-10, 2024

  • Chelsea, NYC


The ideal candidate will be a collaborative team player who is driven, able to work independently, and a detail-oriented problem solver with exceptional organizational skills , people skills, and who is able to operate calmly in high-pressure situations.

Key responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Greeting al the visitors with professionalism and warmth

  • Identifies themselves as a resource for any questions about the gallery, art fair, our artists, etc

  • Interact with the gallery visitors and work onsite in the art fair.

  • Exhibits exceptional communication skills and is able to speak confidently and intelligently about Clio Art Fair, and our artists

  • Self-starter who thinks quickly while demonstrating flexibility and patience

  • Answer clients' inquiries about sales and views, and respond to general questions regarding the Fair process

  • Able to work effectively within a team and utilize resources to accomplish the goals of the gallery

  • Possess a sincere interest in people and exercises high Emotional Intelligence (EQ) when interacting with guests, clients, etc


Physical requirements:

  • This position is both sedentary and mobile and will require significant movement around the building. There is also occasionally the need to lift boxes with event/art materials and to move artwork around.



$ 16 per hour.

To apply for this position, please send your resume and a motivational letter (no more than 500 words) to

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