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Clio Art Fair - 16th edition - May 2-5, 2024

1. Artwork Selection

It is still possible to show different artworks than the ones submitted in the application form as long as they do not exceed size requirements and upon discussion and approval of the curatorial team. The final deadline for any modification is APRIL 15th.

Please note:

Each work that you intend to showcase at Clio Art Fair must be submitted to the curatorial team for approval NO LATER THAN APRIL 15thWorks that are not approved by our curatorial team won't be admitted.

Be sure to send us the accurate dimensions of the works submitted. Works with different measurement won't be admitted.

2. Add more space to showcase the best of your art

If you need more space, please fill out the form below by APRIL 15th.




3. Upgrade to the higher plan to get all the best treats! 

If you wish to upgrade to a better service, please fill out the form below by APRIL 15th.

4. Delivery and Installation

​Artists will deliver themselves or schedule the delivery of the accepted work(s) from:

APRIL 30th, from 10:00am to 7:00pm 


MAY 1st, from 10:00am to 4:00pm 

directly at the venue:​ 

520 W 24th street, New York, NY 10011

to the attention of Clio Art Fair

Gold artists, who have chosen to carry on the installation themselves, will be able to install their works on: 

MAY 1st, from 10:00am to 7:00pm

Some general rules that all artists MUST follow:

- No nails, tape, sticky paste to hang the works; only screws allowed. We are going to have different kinds of screws along with various drills on site, available for all artists to use, but there might be a waiting list, so bring your own materials if you can.

- At least 2 ft. from the ground and 2 ft. from the top empty, as well as 3/4 of a ft from each side of each artist's space must be left empty to avoid an overcrowded look that would diminish the art on display.

- No easels allowed on the fair grounds.

- No art that has not been approved prior to the installation day can be exhibited.

- Lastly, be aware that the fair director has a last say on the installation of each artist's space and has a right to change the display at all times of the installation and the fair is he feels that would be best for the artists's work and the fair in general.


5. Art handling and Wall Labelling (included for Platinum and Diamond artists)

Our Art Handling service is $ 70 per foot (width), or $ 17.50 per square foot.

This service is included in the option PLATINUM or DIAMOND

The installation will take place on: MAY 1st from 10:00 am to 7:00pm.

A team of art handlers is available to overlook and assist during installation and will install works of artists unable to attend. The presence of the artist is appreciated, but it's not a must.

We will take the wrapping material and boxes to our storage and we will bring it back on Sunday, MAY 5th, after 7:30 pm.

Please note:

- The lighting service is included.

- No personal pedestals/chairs/tables are allowed at the fair without the curatorial team's approval.

- The wall labeling for the artworks on display is 45$ per artist.

This service is included in the option PLATINUM or DIAMOND. If you are a GOLD artist and wish to add this service to your plan, please fill out this form by APRIL 15th.

If you prefer to take care of your own labels, here are the standards that you should follow:


Title, date of creation


Dimension in INCHES

Price in USD

Edition (if applicable)

Maximum size permitted - 3.5" (base) x 2" (height)

Font - Arial

Size - 10

Must include the picture of the artwork. Please use the picture below as reference.​

Screenshot 2022-08-18 at 11.13.54.png


6. Sales

Art Dealers: this service is included in the DIAMOND plan. For each sale completed through Clio Art Fair, there is a 20% service fee.

Sales are through Clio. We accept credit cards, American Express, checks, Mastercard, Visa, cash, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin. In the four weeks following the sale, Clio will send a check with the 80% of the final price to the Artist.

Artists and collective of artists that decide to be the art dealer of themselves (GOLD and PLATINUM plans) will collect 100% of each sale, dealing all the sales by themselves. 

Please keep in mind that The NY sales tax is 8,875% and it has to be added to net price.

Please see this link for additional information.

7. DATES and TIMES of the fair

Please note:

Each artist is welcome to participate and will receive a personalized code that will give each artist access to 10 VIP tickets to share with family, friends, and collectors. Each VIP ticket holder will have full access throughout the entire duration of the fair.

Here you can access the tickets for all the four days of the fair.

8. Flyers / Catalogue / Materials on paper

We are planning to have a table to host flyers / catalogues / and generic materials for all the artists; but please be advised that we have experienced that a strong on-line presence is more important than paper material during the show so please be sure to have your web-sites, blogs and social media updated before, during and after the fair.

9. About your art

About your artwork(s) that will be displayed at the upcoming Clio Art Fair May 18-21, 2023, we need the following information by APRIL 15th:

-one Photo in High Resolution for EACH of your artworks

- one Photo in High Resolution of the artist(s) in his/her/their studio or surrounded by his/her/their art

-Your Instagram\Facebook\Twitter handle

10. De-installation and pick up of the unsold artworks

Pick Up at the Venue or Schedule the pick up:

MAY 5th from 7:30pm to 11:00pm


MAY 6th from 10:00am to 12:00pm

11. Accommodations

We recommend If you never used Airbnb before, signing up through this link: you can get a $ 40 Travel Credit off your first booking.




Thursday, May 2nd 

6:00pm - 9:00pm

Grab your tickets here


Free entrance


Friday, May 3rd 

Noon - 8:00pm

Grab your tickets here


$20.00 Adults

$10.00 Students and Seniors


Saturday, May 4th 

12:00pm - 8:00pm

Sunday, May 5th 

12:00pm - 6:00pm

Grab your tickets here

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